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the house of dalla

It all begins with the first appointment. Taking a seat in our Toronto studio, a casual conversation is encouraged over a hot espresso or other drink of choice. This laid-back approach paired with the relaxed atmosphere of DALLA’s atelier enables him to learn about the client’s lifestyle, current wardrobe, reason for their visit and the type of suit they are seeking. These details allow DALLA to tune into his creativity and begin the concept for his newest bespoke design.

From there, the client is measured by DALLA, who applies his methodology of “the fit comes before all else”. It is here that the concept discovered earlier begins to come to life. Decisions such as where the shoulders will sit or how tapered the pants should be will be discussed during this time, as DALLA strives to meet the exact needs of every one of his clients.

Once all details have been acquired, DALLA begins to design the perfect bespoke suit making sure to add small touches that highlight the client’s personality and overall attitude. The design and measurements are then sent to his tailoring team in Italy. Each suit is hand-crafted with only the finest high-quality fabrics.

Upon departure, the client is to expect a minimum of four to six weeks for the completion of their garments. It is at this time they will come in for their second fitting and finalize all details of the design.