about the designer

Hussein Dalla, Creative Director of his fashion house “DALLA”, is fuelled with over 10 years of industry experience and a strong insight into the many layers of the fashion consciousness.

Known for his creativity and attention to detail, DALLA specializes in understanding exactly what it takes to make each of his clients look and feel their best. His approach is equal parts artistic and professional, finding a balance between pushing his clients out of their comfort zone while maintaining their own personal style.

Over the years, DALLA's clients have given him full creative control over some of their most important looks. From award shows to media events, DALLA has worked with a diverse set of high-profile teams and environments, proving him to be a leader in the custom design space. Working alongside stylists and managers, he focuses on harnessing the authentic self of his client, while also finding unique ways to highlight and showcase their personality traits. With DALLA, it’s never about the latest fads or trends. Instead, it’s about the individual needs of each person he collaborates with.

From conception to completion, DALLA strives to make sure that working with him is not only a memorable experience, but a foundation to build a relationship on as well.